Welcome to the Mount Todd Gold Mine

The Mt Todd mine site is located approximately 50km north of Katherine and 250 km south of Darwin. The site covers a mine tenement of 160,878 ha, which includes both the Batman and Quigleys gold deposits.

The site was acquired by Vista Gold and its wholly owned subsidiary Vista Gold Australia in 2006.

Currently not in production, Vista Gold is working with the authorities to obtain the necessary permits for the mine prior to making a final investment decision on the project.

A favourable investment decision could lead to a two-year construction phase employing approximately 450 people with an ongoing workforce of 350 during operations.

Vista Gold announced on 18 March 2013 that the Batman deposit is now estimated to contain 7.40 million ounces in gold in the Measured and Indicated (M&I) categories and 1.73 million ounces in the Inferred category, a 285% increase from 1.92 million ounces in 2006.


Wet Season water release from RP3.

Vista Gold has commenced releasing treated water from Mt Todd's Batman Pit (RP3)  in accordance with our Waste Discharge Licence (WDL178-4).

Water is released when there is sufficient flow in the Edith River and, as more rain is forecast, we are anticipating that the release of water will be the start of a significant reduction of the water inventory held at Mt Todd.   

Water collection and storage is the biggest environmental issue facing the Mt Todd site.

Since the mine ceased operations in 2000, mine effected water has been collecting in the Tailings Storage facility (RP7) and the Waste Rock Dump Dam (RP1). As required this water has been pumped and stored in RP3.

Regardless of the when the mine goes ahead this water requires treatment and release from site as there is a net positive historical 1.5GL of water for Mt Todd Mine Site each year. Hence the need to release water each wet season.

During a release of water the regulators take samples and ensure compliance with our licence.

A copy of the Waste Discharge Licence Report 2014 is now available on this website, go to Environment/Waste Discharge Licence.

As this is an automated system the volume released is directly related to the varying flow of the Edith River. Details of the water releases are posted here every weekday we are pumping;


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